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After 7 years working on solutions to plastic pollution in developing countries, our founder got sick of cleaning other peoples trash.

By joining here, YOU become the solution, support grassroots work in remote locations and join a global community

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"There have been meetings with Ocean Ambassadors, a group that works on implementing solutions in Island nations such as plastic to oil, closed loop apparel recycling and local small processing applications. They have as well developed “Pirate Pack” a subscription box to minimise your personal plastic footprint from home, and support their field operation. This will re-launch to offer reduced international shipping in November 2018."

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Virgin -

I love it! Everything is super useful and surprising. Especially the silicone food bags. I use them everyday on the boat.

Amanda, Boat Capt, Oahu HI

I really like this. Every month is a surprise, but all the products are perfect. You guys are doing a great job.

Sarah, School Teacher, Smithers, BC

This is fun. I wanted to help with plastic pollution and this makes it easy. I'm very happy with all the products.

Suzzane, Property Rental, BC

That search for real, actionable progress led us to seek out Adrian Midwood as we brought the boat into Tonga. Midwood’s organization, Ocean Ambassadors, has been taking bold, innovative steps to take the plastics plaguing these waters and put them back to good use."

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The Ecologist

My parents just got my first box! They said this is the COOLEST THING IN THE WORLD!

Ayla, Yoga Instructor, VIC, AU

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