Newsletter December 2018

Original Posting December 2018


Win a trip to join us in Uoleva in the Ha apai group of Tonga and  Pirate Pack featured in Virgin and The Ecologist.


All you gottah do is

  1. Sign-up to Pirate Pack 
  2. Take a selfie and explain why you want to be the solution.
  3. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @pirate_pack

Than you could be joining us in 2019!


We have 5 spaces left to join us with Kite-surf Tonga in September to help them with their micro plastic re-purposing project.


Following the progress and success of our program in Vavau this season, we are working alongside the owners Karen and Glen to set up a Precious Plastic (link machine on their property and start the process of collecting plastics from their neighboring resorts and shorelines, to keep their little slice of paradise clean. 

Pirate Pack in the news!


In other good news, we were pretty darn excited to be featured by some fairly notable media outlets in the past month.


Our friends on the Eat Less Plastic voyage have finished their over 6 Months & 8613 Mile sail from California to New Zealand.


Captain Phill Sumervilles mission was to learn along the way on how to fix these issues, while shooting an educational documentary for schools across the world. We were lucky enough to be highlighted in some of their press :


- Virgin "There have been meetings with Ocean Ambassadors, a group that works on implementing solutions in Island nations such as plastic to oil, closed loop apparel recycling and local small processing applications. They have as well developed “Pirate Pack” a subscription box to minimise your personal plastic footprint from home, and support their field operation. This will re-launch to offer reduced international shipping in November 2018."

- The Ecologist "That search for real, actionable progress led us to seek out Adrian Midwood as we brought the boat into Tonga. Midwood’s organization, Ocean Ambassadors, has been taking bold, innovative steps to take the plastics plaguing these waters and put them back to good use."

Thanks TEAM!

The Ocean Clean-up gets System 001 results.


Now on to someone and something we have all herd about. Boyan Slat and the Ocean Cleanup (


This November System 001  was deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to test physically cleaning the ocean.


Ambitious? Yes


There’s a lot of people on the fence with this endeavor, including us!


Though there has to be some positives coming out of here, even if it’s a complete failure. Like all things in this world, you never know until you try!


Follow their action on their website or @theoceancleanup for more.


If you want to avoid expensive missions like this, help us reach our goal and sign up to Pirate Pack today and BE the solution form home : )



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