Our Story

Pirate Pack is a new division of Ocean Ambassadors.

After 7 years working on various Solutions to Plastic Pollution people always asked, "how can I help?"

Our work had us in remote corners of the globe, with zero support and local partners desperately needing financial assistance to keep their shores clean. Something needed to change.

We were already operating volunteer expeditions, bringing passionate people out to remote islands to Educate, Empower, Learn and EnjoyThough we were still underfunded and still cleaning other peoples trash.

It was with that knowledge and experience that we designed this program to:

  • Make all our members the solution from home
  • Use our proceeds to support local partners
  • Develop a global community of like minded people
  • Continue our operation of R.V. Moana

What started as a subscription, Pirate Pack was designed to minimize your personal plastic footprint.

Each box has a different theme carefully curated by our friend Alice Forrest: www.aliceforrest.com

Pick a theme of your life and get the supplies that minimize your plastic footprint, to live a more responsible plastic free lifestyle. 

We as well offer great incentive packages for members to win and earn trips with us, working in developing islands on waste plastic minimization and local processing utilities.

Take the zero waste challenge and BE the solution!

Our founder, Adrian Midwood, with Prime Minister, the honourable Voreqe Bainimarama of Fiji, in 2015. Turning waste plastics into alternative fuels at the Fiji Fuel Retailers Association AGM.