Every year we work directly with partners in developing nations, now you can come along.

Following the years with Ocean Ambassadors volunteer voyages aboard our beloved R.V. Moana.

We now design volunteer experiences visiting old friends and new to put real programs on the ground to stop plastic entering our oceans and cleaning up what arrives on their shores.

If you'd like to join us in 2019

Contact Us to see about signing up, winning or earning a trip with us in:

June 18 - July 2 = Tofino, BC, Canada, 5 days from $1,200

April - May = Fiji Islands, 7 days from $1,500

Sept 2 - 9 = Ha'apai Group, Kingdom of Tonga, 7 days from $1,500


Here we always find local partners and work with them on their next direct need. Last year we spent 4 months in the Vavau Group of Tonga on community outreach, education, shore clean-ups and creating the building blocks for a micro-economy on waste plastics.

This work continues everyday by the great team at VEPA