Plastic Oceans Canada "Ban The Bag"

Plastic Oceans Canada "Ban The Bag"

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Ban the Bag in Your Home

$5 from every box goes to Plastic Oceans Canada educational program consisting of:

- 22 minute school version of Plastic Oceans

- In school Educational Resource Pack (with additional activities and workshops).

- Student “Social Enterprise” program, for students to start their own project.

- New 30 minute video delivery on what Plastic Oceans Canada does, how we work locally and what is happening around the world.

- Video-Conferencing with one of our Ambassadors

- School audit on waste plastic generation and alternatives to reduce your footprint.

Help us minimize single use bags in Canada and "Ban the Bag" in your life.

Every Box Contains:

- Re-usable bread bag, Natural Linen

- Multiple sizes of re-usable produce bags

- Multiple sizes of bulk food storage bags

- Natural Linen Shopping bag, limited Plastic Oceans edition